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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Thank you for the support!!

Through my working life I have met some amazing people and I have to say working in drugs and alcohol for 5 years were challenging in so many ways. I loved running the organisation and makign a difference to the people who used the services we ran.

I was lucky enough to meet Ben Aulich who came onto the Board and worked with him for a couple of years. Ben and I started talking about my art and he said he was interested in sponsoring an exhibition.

Three years later we are making it happen and today was our first meeting where Ben has some great ideas about the exhibition and the leadup to it at the M16 Gallery. He is not only financially sponsoring the exhibition but assisting us with marketing too through his contacts into the MArketing and Promotion industry.

In addition we also have a winery who are happy to serve our launch guests for free. I am so excited.

Today I met with Ben and we nutted out the sponsorship and I am delighted to say I think it will be fabulous!!

I am excited !!


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