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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

lots of painting finished

I have been busy today finishing off another painting and I have also completed 2 others over the past few weeks so I actually photographed them and here they are ..... I am really happy with the one I finished today - 'Morton Outlook' and I am interested to see people starting to crop up in my paintings :)  I have never painted running shoes before so I think they look okay :)

Morton Outlook (Riverview lookout Morton National Park)
Mixed media 2013

Waiting for lunch (Lanyon ACT)
Mixed media 2013

 Last Light (St Mary's Tasmania)
Mixed media 2013

I decided to take photos of these again..... they are much better I think

In the shade (Lanyon ACT)
A better photo than the previous post 
Mixed media 2013

Mid Summer Afternoon (Lanyon)
A better photo than the previous one
Mixed Media 2013

Thanks for looking :)

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Been Painting today

I try to ensure that I have a painting day once a week and I love a challenge so today I finished another painting of the beautiful Lanyon and some visitors. I haven't named it as yet as I cannot seem to get the right name ... it will come

I took a photo of 3 ladies who were sitting after lunch and the tables had been cleared just looking at the amazing scenery of Lanyon.

What I didn't know was that while I was painting a rather interesing ghostly apparition decided to appear in the left hand door of the tractor shed - my husband Phil and I can see a man in a suit but my kids cannot - so it will be interesting to hear the response of others.

It is currently drying and I will post it up with 'Last Light' tomorrow which I finished last week

Then I am on to a painting of Morton National Park in NSW which is a different size and called 'Outlook' I am half finished that one so it will be completed (if all goes to plan) next Wednesday

It is all looking great.

I have lent 6 paintings to Branka for her open house and auction ..... she loves them and they look grat on the walls

Bye for now - I will be back soon with updated photos of the paintings