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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

We are on - Through the Lens is Tonight 17th April 6pm!!

Whoooo hoooo

I am so happy it is finally here - everythign is done and it looks fantastic

So here are the details to the exhibition:

Through the Lens Exhibition

Launch:  6pm 17th April

M16 Gallery:  Blaxland Cres, Griffith ACT

Opening hours 12 to 5pm Wednesday to Sunday

Exhibition goes from 17th April to 4th May 2015

I will be there staffing it on:

Good Friday 18th April
Saturday 26th April

My artist talk is on the 3rd May at 1.30pm

So exciting :)

Lots of love
Carol xx

Set Up for the Exhibition

We are all set up for the exhibition

Here are some candid shots (of course I am not in them as I was managing the marketing and set up behind the camera (but I assure you we were all absolutley stuffed afterwards)....

Cheers to our men - Phil and Bill who did the best job in getting it all up and straight onto the walls. Through the Lens has 62 peices and so it is not a small exhibition but we did it!!

Phil (L) and Bill measuring and nailing paintings for the 'green room'

The 'old timers' wall

Taking a break - Ross and Kristin

Action shot - more hanging (about 20% done)

The 'Green Room'

Beach scenes

Kristin doing hte floor management duties

Many hands make light work 

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Our Photo

Well we have a photo we both like - it took 2 goes but we did it - thanks to Ray MacNeill for your amazing photographic work and patience

W are using this as the marketing photo

Great work and lots of smiles

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Summer Grasses

I am loving sunsets at the moment so here is another one that I finished yesterday - I am really happy with it and enjoyed getting back to one of my loves - free form shapes like the grass...

This is Broome Beach - I love the sunsets there

I have only 3 paintings to go til I have my 25 .... it has been a great experience and the confidence I have gained from painting to painting is priceless


Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The Shell Seekers

Once in a while you have an idea for a painting that is off the normal ..... this was one of those

I love Cable Beach WA and I found a photo which shows its marvelous sunset with a little family who are looking for shells - I have to say that the photo I took it from is not mine (I used a small section as inspiration)  - and whilst I would love to tell you who is the photographer - they are sadly unknown - I will continue to search though and give recognition to them when I find out

The Shell Seekers

Acrylic pain
Garnet paste

With love

Break of Day

This was from a photograph that I took while in a smail aircraft near the Argle Mine in the NT.... where hte argle diamonds are from. It was very early in the morning before it was too hot - the air was still and the dawn coloured the sky with an amethyst wash. The sun hit the terracotta of the rock faces and they glowed in the sun

Break of Day

Acrylic paint
Teture medium
Garnet paste

With love

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Ebb and Flow

I have painted a lovely scene from a photo by Jill Pierce with her permission. It is near to Tarthra NSW South Coast and when I saw the photo I was really inspired to paint it.

This one uses no paper at all - but has glass beads in the breaking waves  to give it the mixed media edge.

I counted my paintings today and I am up to 24!!!!! So I am really getting there for the exhibition

EBB & FLOW - Carol Mead 2013

I hope you enjoy it